Prison Island; Of Modern Relevance

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Sailing across the azure ocean in a local dhow from the coastal edge of Zanzibar is the secluded Prison Island. From a distant, it creates an impression of being a luxurious isle surrounded by nature’s bounty; rich coral reefs, crystal clean water, lush green plantation and an artistically designed boardwalk. As you come closer, wade in the water and touch the sandy surface, the eyes glimmer and your intuition tells, here is a mysterious history to unfold.

Once a prison for the rebellious slaves and a quarantine for yellow fever patients, today the island is frequently visited by several tourists for its charming and mystical aura. The precious attractions of the tiny archipelago reveal an elusive tale and secretly whisper to the visitor what makes Prison Island alluring despite its nostalgic past.

Most locals in Zanzibar refer to the isle as Changuu, which is a local Swahili fish. To…

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Tanzania: Protect Albino Children

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Dr. Lorena Brownlee

Today, 1 in every 1,400 Tanzanians is born Albino. Some people believe having an Albino baby is a curse while other believe they are a ghost tribe and can not die. The Albino African people have been attacked, killed, dismembered, had their graves dug up and desecrated all for the belief the witch doctors have passed on to the people, their body parts carry magic powers.

On the black market a complete “set” ears, tongue, nose, genitals, all four limbs can sell for $75,000. Children are the most affected by this horrific crime and although Tanzania has made some progress but it has been slow and many families are still displaced and living in fear.

We must not although the spotlight to leave the Albino African people, Tanzania must know the International world is watching and demanding they protect the Albino African children.

To read the full story about the…

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